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Dan Kaplan of FXCollaborative and Deborah Berke of Deborah Berke Partners talk about 77 Greenwich and its special place in the ongoing story of Manhattan and the New Downtown.

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"We realized pretty early that we should do a pleated, folded, crystalline wall that allowed every living room to have very gracious floor-to-ceiling wraparound glass so that you could sit on your sofa or in your chair and look at this wonderful diagonal southwest view."

Dan Kaplan, Senior Partner
FAIA, LEED AP FXCollaborative


FXCollaborative creates impactful projects with aesthetic integrity and an enduring design character. Through a continuous exploration of holistic function and essential components, their team implements a transparent, thoughtful, and rigorous design process that promotes excellence and sustainability.

"All of the material choices within each apartment were about reinforcing the idea of being up in the light and the air, so we chose lighter, natural, carefully detailed materials with a sense of craft. It was all about not fighting the view, but complementing the amount of light that was going to come into the apartment."

Deborah Berke, Partner
FAIA, LEED AP Deborah Berke Partners

Deborah Berke Partners

Deborah Berke Partners distill complex considerations—environmental, social, and aesthetic—into meaningful architecture. Their work is transformative: from the reimagination of old buildings, to the creation of exquisite new ones. Their buildings create powerful first impressions and continue to delight. The architecture they make captures the values and aspirations of their clients. They connect people and places to create meaningful and lasting experiences, and consider how changing daylight shapes a room; how people move into a site and through a building; how materials feel and look through repeated use. In 2017, the firm was honored with a National Design Award from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.